The first completely Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified sporting event in Australia

Posted on January 9, 2020

2020 AgBioEn Kooyong Classic is officially the first completely Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified sporting event in Australia, and they also commit a minimum $10,000 to fire ravaged communities.

AgBioEn, in their first year as the major headlining sponsor of the 2020 Kooyong Classic have today pledged a minimum of $10 thousand dollars as a starting donation, with $1 thousand dollars per point for the highest consecutive points scored by any player throughout the event.

AgBioEn is Australia’s first fully integrated, carbon negative, renewable energy and fuels project.

With a team of experts, and the latest industry learnings, AgBioEn utilises world class technology to produce cleaner and greener, renewable energy and liquid fuels.

From farm to fuel, AgBioEn’s vision is to create a secure renewable fuel for the future of all Australians, while not compromising the environment.

“We are thrilled to partner with The AgBioEn Kooyong Classic to deliver a fully certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active event. Right from the beginning the Kooyong Club was committed to this aim, which was a major reason for AgBioEn partnering with the event and it’s been a great result to achieve this in our first year” says AgBioEn’s Director Lubey Lozevski.

Carbon Neutral Event
The net greenhouse gas emissions associated with an event are cancelled out or negated through a series of carbon emissions reduction initiatives.

This means that the emissions associated with the AgBioEn Kooyong Classic are offset by emissions avoided elsewhere.

Thanks to AgBioEn, the Kooyong Classic tennis tournament has been officially certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active in Australia, adhering to strict guidelines for carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, as part of this certification, a carbon emissions reduction action plan is put in place to further reduce ongoing emissions from the event, including but not limited to:

  • Water fountains will be provided to provide free water to attendees and reduce water bottle purchases
  • On site catering preferenced over outsourced, to reduce shipping and travel emissions
  • Recycling bins located across the event location
  • Attendees will be encouraged to take public transport to the event

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